ColossusEPC Inc.

- The EPC -

Electronic Power Cell


ColossusEPC Inc. is developing and has Patented a  new type of battery technology referred to as an Electronic Power Cell ( EPC). The EPC will use no harmful chemicals in its operation.  Using green technology, the EPC will utilize stored light photons to power a broad range of consumer, industrial, and commercial products that currently require a battery or fossil fuel power sources.

Initial research reveals successful results by the EPC in its ability to store light photons and produce usable energy.  Further research and development would focus on identifying the products that could efficiently and effectively be powered by the EPC.  By all indications, potential applications of this product are literally endless.

The EPC design is a multi-layer configuration.  Simply put, photo-voltaic cells are layered in a series or parallel form, for voltage or amperage, that includes a light photon releaser (LPR),  a proprietary formula, between the layers.  When the LPR is activated, a PV cell above and below it converts light photons into electricity.  With the multi-layer design, every other solar cell layer powers the LPR and the remaining layers contain useable electricity that is sent out to power your product.

We believe the EPC can eventually power Laptop computers, cell phones, toys, cameras, flashlights, smoke alarms, remote controls, portable generators, and numerous other items which require and consume millions of batteries today.  Because, unlike conventional batteries, the EPC will not have to be recharged, it has the potential to revolutionize our way of life by eliminating dangerous waste and using light energy to power the future.